Why Only from ELP?

Why is The Laser Turntable (LT) only from ELP?

The basic technology was developed by a US venture company in the 1980s.
This technology was widely offered to companies in the USA and Japan to introduce
LT Technology into the market in 1988/89. However all of the companies denied
LT Technology, because:

1) No business opportunity in vinyl records, due to CD
2) Manufacturing cost reduction is difficult for LT technology

It is my belief that Analog Music is very precious for the human. That’s why
Analog Music on vinyl records should be preserved--not only for current music lovers,
but also for next generation music lovers.

Therefore without Profit and Loss calculation, I acquired the technology in 1989 and
started addressing the following Issues:

1) Product Development
2) Manufacturing facility development, including Machines and Tools
3) Product reliability

Analog music on vinyl records was designed for the stylus, not for the laser. Therefore
it took almost 10 years initially for us to complete the development of the Laser System.

For next 10 years we have been striving for better Sound Quality. Finally we achieved
very nice Sound Quality so that we announced the new Master Series model last year.

The major reason why we have been successfully overcoming every difficulties since
1989 is because of the Delightful Opinions from LT Owners.

We have been working for Analog Music on vinyl records together with LT Owners
and will keep doing so.

As a result, many LT owners have been enjoying the Re-Vitalized Analog Music from
LTs. They are worldwide:

- analog music lovers
- broadcasting stations
- universities
- libraries
- museums 

Sanju Chiba, President & CEO

ELP Corporation, Japan
Edison Laser Player