Owners Opinions


(individual user), France

Dear Mr. Chiba,

I am fine and everything is OK.

Yes, the ELP was delivered without any damage and worked perfectly.

Thank you and Happy New Year 2012 for you, your family and ELP.

Best Regards.


(individual user), China

Dear Chiba,

ELP is a so magical machine. The sound is very excellent. I could hear the every

details from vinyl. Especially the obe instrument and the piano. I could feel

the sound surrounds me with the air. The sound is much better than my DAC.

I am very satisfied with it.

Michael Weikath

(professional user), Canary Islands

Dear Chiba,

The device arrived here with no faults or damage, all is in order.

I applied the calibration record and have already connected the LT to my stereo and digital recording equipment, took The Beatles’ Revolver LP which is kind of clean but not, (I am still waiting for the separate dust cleaning device to get here) so one does hear the occasional crackle from LP…, but the LT works very well and also the sound it creates is very very good.

I already made a provisional recording of the first track “Taxman’ and imported it into my iTunes Library, it sounds very good with the usual equalization I have set for iTunes regularly which is a lot of bass and kind of a Loudness setting for the rest of the frequencies.

I am very happy with the result, it seems clear that the LT’s line level absolutely is set correctly.

Once I did the same procedure with a Stanton record turntable that I have here as well, the model before they did the USB version of it, the one that has SPDIF out, and the result was similarly good, but I must say I prefer the warm sound and ease of use that your LT provides !

The Stanton may be very good, but the LT is GREAT, and I will not have to worry about my LPs I own and will soon buy to wear down over time.