LT Specifications


Featuring a more value, simplified variations and better options.


  • Standard Sound Quality
  • Plays 7", 10", 12" LP and 45rpm (Black only)
  • Available with Line Out (RCA) or Phono Output
  • Optional Wood Body, Remote and Master Laser System



  • Best Sound Quality
  • Plays 7", 10", 12" LP and 45rpm (Black only)
  • Available with Line Out (RCA) or Phono Output
  • Optional 78RPM and 8",9",11" capability available

All LT Models Include the Following Features

  • Plays Black Vinyl

  • Belt-drive with computer servo

  • 30 rpm to 50 rpm, 60 rpm to 90 rpm

  • Remote control unit

  • Forward and back scanning (two speeds)

  • Forward and back seek

  • Pause, Hover, Repeat

  • Programming (15 Selections Maximum)

  • Phono RCA Out

  • Line RCA or XLR (Valance)

  • Power: 100V, 120V, 220V, 230V or 240V 50/60Hz

  • Calibration record

  • Platter Adaptor for EP

  • RCA cable (1.5m long)

  • Owner's Guide

  • Power cord

I Love it. Cannot stop Listening to it. There are no problems with the Unit and it came in perfect condition. It truly is amazing. Thank you so much for the Excellent Service and Opportunity.

Laser Turntable Specifications

System          Contact Free, 5 Beams Optical Record Player

Drawer system (Open/Close)

Play: Automatic Read-In, Read-Out, Programming (Max. 15 Music), Forward and back scan (2 speed), Forward and back search.

Pause: Cueing (Muting)

Display: Total, Elapsed, Remaining time. Record size, Revolution

Remote Controller FunctionsPower On/Off, Open/Close a Tray, Play, Pause, Quick Forward, Quick Backward Skip (back and forward)
Record Type       Black Records
Drive System      Computer Controlled Belt-Drive system
 LT-Basic LT-master*


Speed Control0.1rpm steps 0.1rpm steps
0.2rpm steps
Record Size7”, 10”, 12”
LP, 45
 7”, 8”, 9”, 10”, 11”, 12”
LP, 45, 78





* some specifications require available options

Frequency     10~25,000Hz.  20~20,000Hz +-3dB (LP Record)
Channel Separation       

Depend on separation of Records

>25 dB (20~20,000Hz, DIN 45 543 Test Record)

OutputSTANDARD: LINE output (600mV=0.6V) 5cm/sec 1kHz Lateral
OPTIONAL: PHONO output Level=4.8mVrms 5cm/sec 1 kHz Lateral
OPTIONAL: XLR output 680mV=0.68V 5cm/sec 1 kHz Lateral 
Distortion     <0.5% DIN45 543 1kHz Ref. Level
S/N Ratio     >55dB (Weighted) Ref. Level
Wow & Flutter  <0.07% WRMS                                      
Output Terminal RCA pin jack (standard)
Power Supply Voltage 100V 50/60Hz, 120, 220, or 240V Available      
Power Consumption  60W (Max)
Size          470mm(W) x 480(D) x 170(H)  18in(W) x 19(D) x 7(H)
Weight          19kg   |  42lbs