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Since 1989 ELP of Japan pioneered and manufactures the only High-End Laser Turntable

The new generation laser turntable, The Master series is equipped with a new master type laser box and a master type audio board. As a result of changing the electronic device that makes up audio signal processing on the audio board and the detection speed of the audio signal doubled, the reproduction ability of the record board signal has been dramatically improved.

The high-end master, the LT-master, model is a representative model with “excellent sound quality and function” in the history of laser turntables born in 1989.

Equipped with a new master-type laser box and a master-type audio board, the change of the electronic device that makes up the audio signal processing and the detection speed of the audio signal doubled, the reproduction ability of the record board sound signal has been improved. It is a model that has improved dramatically.

Unlike the standard type, the black record SP of 30cm, 25cm size is playable with the LT-Master model at 78 RPM.

Master Series


With ELP’s Laser Turntable, a stylus never touches the album, preserving your record and resisting playing interference from dirt and scratches.

No Damage from Needle

Because the laser reads the analog signal from the record, nothing touches the vinyl so you get no wear.

Simple Operation

Because of advanced technology, the LT is very easy to operate. Similar to a CD, you simply place it on the drawer and press play.

Laser Ignores Imperfections

The best turntables with the best stylus will be affected by micro-abrasions, scratches, and other imperfections from the vinyl.

Direct from Manufacturer

The Laser Turntable is designed, engineered, manufactured, sold, and supported only by ELP Corporation of Japan.

How it Works

The benefits of a laser reading vinyl tracks is how it reads the analog signal, in essence replacing a metal stylus and sending analog sound to the outputs.
No Contact. No Wear.

Classic Turntable Stylus

The sound information is engraved from the vinyl groove’s shoulder to the bottom of the valley. The needle always touches the same part of the record so it will damage the record every time it plays.

Laser Effect

The laser picks up the sound information of the upper part (a place about 10 microns from the top) that is not touched by a needle.
Because it’s a laser, it won’t damage the record. Records that are damaged by needles and distorted sound quality also reproduce good sound.
Stylus’ exist with poor quality “cutting” technology that carve the grooves of records during production. The laser box that traces correctly based on the specified cutting value may be disturbed because the poor cutting is reproduced accurately. Even with a record made with bad cutting condition, you can use the “VSO” function of the laser turntable to pick up better sound information. You can fine-tune the state in which the rays are irradiated.

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