Needle vs Laser

Know the difference between Needle Turntable and the Laser Turntable?

Why LT only from ELP ?

When every companies step back, ELP was the only company who stand stood for LT.

How can I listen LT ?

Are you opting to buy ELP's Laser Turntable however, bit confused about how good the sound of LT is?

LT Technology

Laser Technology Laser sound produces a perfect quality which is quite similar to the original sound that we can....

Recent Testimonials

Dear Mr. Chiba,

I Love it. Cannot stop Listening to it.There are no problems with the Unit and it came in perfect condition.

Best wishes,
—Mr. Lopez.,USA

Dear ELP Corporation,

I have been enjoying my LT-1XRC for almost 10 years now.It is always a joy to listen to the music it plays.

Best wishes,
— Jim P.,USA

Dear Mr. Chiba,

The ELP-turntable works perfect, I enjoy listening to old and new records almost every...

Best Regards,
— Prof. Dr. Burke, Germany

Dear ELP Corporation,

The LT successfully arrived today without any problems. Thanks for the excellent packaging!

Best Wishes,
— mr. t.lelkes, slovakia

How To Earn LT From ELP.