Needle vs Laser

Know the difference between Needle Turntable and the Laser Turntable?

Why LT only from ELP ?

When every other company stepped back, ELP was the only company that stood behind the LT.

How can I listen to LT ?

Now you can listen to the Laser Sound Quality on line or listen to your own favorite Records by LT at the LT Owner’s place.

LT Technology

Laser Sound Quality is quite similar to the original sound in a master tape, due to No Contact.

Thank you for your interest in our Special opportunity. We'll show you the nice Quotation for Master #2, including the shipping cost from Japan. So please tell us your full name and full address including your country.

Sanju Chiba, ELP Japan

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LT Demonstration in December and January, 2015 !!!

We demonstrate LT executed by our ELP Agents (LT Owners) below.
Please communicate with them via email for the appointment.

Places and Demonstrators:

USA (CT),Mr. Jeremy R. Kipnis
( Remarks: Untill Janjuary 13, 2015.)

He is available to demonstrate the LT with your own records (at either his Studio in Connecticut or in your home / office (additional fee may apply, based on travel distance).


(1)The capacitance for each location is quite limited. So we recommend you to contact the demonstrator quickly.

(2)Participation at FREE.

(3)We recommend you to carry your own favorable vinyl records and try to listen to your own records so that you’ll understand the Laser Sound Quality quickly.

ELP Corporation, Japan.


How To Earn LT From ELP